Farmington Superintendent Jay Haugen

Jay Haugen

The Farmington School Board offered the public a summary of the recent annual job performance review of Superintendent Jay Haugen.

Board Chair Jacilyn Doyle read a summary at the business board meeting. The board conducted the evaluation and discussed details in a prior closed meeting.

The board reported Haugen showed strength in his leadership ability for long-term success to achieve short-term results.

“The board would like to see more emphasis and consistency in following through with commitments and clear communication and expectations for performance standards as you venture out into your retirement,” Doyle said.

Haugen recently announced plans to retire in November after leading the school district for eight years.

The superintendent earned overall high scores in the collaboration category. The board said: “We would encourage you to work on facilitating constructive resolutions when unnecessary conflict arises.”

Doyle said: “We are impressed with your ability to build collaborative partnerships across grade levels, buildings and departments and districts to achieve results and improve performance, and members noted you always try to make the district better by adopting best practices,”

The board noted one of Haugen’s strengths is his ability to collaborate with school principals to allow them the ability to implement new ideas within the district’s framework.

In regards to proactive communication, the board urged Haugen to make communication a top priority during the upcoming handing off time period and transition in leadership.

The performance review noted Haugen can continue to work with board members, keeping in mind their strengths and shortfalls while continuing to work on how to bridge gaps with all board members.

The board commented it expects timely information and information sharing to build trust and credibility.

In the areas of service and quality, Haugen earned an excellent rating in the review.

“Jay is a tireless champion for innovation and best practice for education and is active in the community, local groups and statewide organizations, and he creates a culture of safety and tries new ideas and encourages staff to take risks that can benefit students in the district,” Doyle said.

Within the value-based leadership area, the board commented how it appreciates Haugen’s ability to pursue opportunities and all his work to advocate for the district’s vision at the state and national level.

“Your leadership is known throughout the state and nation by sharing our strategic plan and you are constantly pursuing new ideas to help the district better serve its students, and we do appreciate the time you do spend to travel and spread the word about what we are doing in Farmington,” said Doyle.

In the category of business knowledge, the board reported Haugen has shown strength and demonstrates sound judgment while taking appropriate risks. The board applauded his knowledge and ability to become more knowledgeable about the school district’s business and education trends.

“You do an excellent job of indicating how public policy decisions affect performance, education trends and the student experience,” Doyle said.

The board commented it would like to see an emphasis on planning, in regards to effectively using resources, analysis of key financial and student achievement indicators.

The board recognized how Haugen’s tenure as superintendent is drawing to an end.

“You have led this district through an extensive transformation through a strategy and collaboration, and we would like to sincerely express our appreciation for your dedicated work to support out students, the district and the community,” Doyle said.

Jake Cordes, board member and former board chair, said: “There will be plenty of times to thank you between now and November, but thank you, Jay, for your eight years of service to this district.”

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