Rosemount resident donates trash carriers

As the snow begins to melt, a disturbing trend is being revealed in Rosemount.

“I have been seeing a lot of people out walking with their dogs during this pandemic,” Rosemount resident Nickie Carrigan said. “Getting out for a walk is not only excellent for the dog’s wellness, it is also excellent for the human’s wellness. What is not excellent for human or dog wellness; stepping in a pile of dog poop.”

As the owner of Nickie Carrigan Fitness and the Warehouse, she cares a lot about health and wellness, and leaving dog waste on the ground isn’t good for anyone’s physical or mental health.

She said she’s seen multiple posts on social media urging residents to pick up after their dog, but instead of complaining online, Carrigan wanted to do something about it.

To help keep Rosemount beautiful, the City Council approved the donation of 100 dog waste carriers from Carrigan during Tuesday’s meeting.

“With the pandemic we’ve seen so many people outside on the trails and sidewalks with and without their pet,” Rosemount Parks and Recreation Director Dan Schultz said. “We’ve also seen an uptick in dog waste not being picked up and taken care of.”

Carrigan said it’s an issue specifically on Shannon Parkway, Connemara Trail and at the dog park.

“In an effort to help with this issue, I want to empower other dog owners to keep getting out there with their dogs while following the city ordinances with an easy to carry dog waste bag dispenser,” she said.

The waste carriers will be available at Rosemount City Hall, Rosemount Community Center and at other special city events.

“These are easily clipped on to your leash or belt loop,” Schultz said. “Wherever you are, you never have an excuse that you don’t have a bag.”

Schultz also said the city is planning to put extra trash cans in strategic locations throughout the city as spring approaches.

The hope is by providing the bag holders, residents will be more likely to clean up their pet waste and will also be following city code.

City Council members appreciated the gesture.

“This is one of your responsibilities for having a pet,” Council Member Jeff Weisensel said. “Shame on us we have to rely on a resident to make donations for people to do what they should be doing anyway. It’s not that hard. There’s plenty of plastic bags. I do it every day myself. Take responsibility. You own that pet.”

Carrigan doesn’t want to discourage dog walking.

“I love seeing people out with their dogs, and human (and dog) wellness is a huge priority for me in my line of work, and my personal life as a dog lover,” Carrigan said. “When I spoke to the city about my original idea (sponsoring a garbage can), we came to a compromise with the portable dog waste dispenser. They were incredibly caring, they seemed happy that I reached out, and together, we thought this would be a great way to support dog owners.

“We want to continue to encourage people to get out and walk their dogs. We also want to help people stay prepared for the inevitable poop that happens on just about every walk.”

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