To the editor:

This message is intended to alert all the citizens who live in Dakota County.

St. Paul’s egalitarian mayor is creating another destructive bureaucracy. The title alone is enough to gag a sensible maggot! It is entitled “Financial Empowerment.” Since governments create no wealth and the indolent look for government benefice, this sinecure bunch can only continue to take from the productive and give to the unambitious. This is why governments that intervene in free trade exacerbate the problems they claim they would cure.

Unfortunately the very practices initiated by our Twin Cities are too often imitated by suburban mayors and their city councils. They follow these policies regardless of the long-term costly and deleterious consequences often already on full display from LA to NYC. Unfortunately, the taxpayers are asked to fund the politicians’ errors with little chance to extricate themselves from these endless boondoggles.

Richard Iffert


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