To the editor:

I am voting for President Donald Trump and the Republicans in 2020.

I believe every adult should be able to afford shelter, food, medical and transportation.

I believe the country should know who is crossing our borders.

I believe in constitutional law.

The economy is providing well for a majority of the adult population. Jobs with improved wages provide opportunity to achieve food, shelter, medical and transportation independence. Fortunately the president and Congress (Republicans with help of Democrats) passed an economic incentive bill.

The southern border is out of control, already proven that we know not what to do with those immigrants here or those about to come. Fortunately the president and Republicans have offered a bill that would mitigate both.

Every day we experience chaos as the courts make laws and the Congress refuses to. Fortunately the president is appointing constitutional judges.

The Democratic Party destroyed itself in the 2016 election. The “Democratic Party” has become the “Socialist Party.” The Democratic Party is gone. Socialists demand your wealth for redistribution, demand a state controlled economy and demand political correctness.

The Democrats insisted the day after Inauguration 2017 that the only way to settle their controversial 2016 election was through a special prosecutor. The results came in and the Democrats lost again. Not realizing a lost election should result in self improvement, new ideas and humility, the Democrats decided not to move forward to the next election, rather they decided to try to destroy the current government leadership through impeachment. The Democrats lost again. Now the Democrats offer subpoenas. To paraphrase a famous quote “there they go again.”

I am voting for Trump and the Republicans in 2020.

The country needs jobs that pay a living wage so an adult can live on their own and provide themselves with food, shelter, medical and transportation.

The country needs a controlled entry and exit program for immigrants and resolution for those present.

The country needs courts that ensure constitutional law (and a Congress to legislate).

Finally, President Trump is a hard guy to love, but I like his approach to jobs, immigration, and courts.

Thomas Grendzinski


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