To the editor:

We have become a nation of sheep. Worse, we’ve become lambs to the slaughter. Sometimes the slaughter is one at a time – a stray bullet, an argument that gets out of hand, a suicide or even a child unintentionally firing a found weapon. Other times the slaughter is on a larger scale – innocents at a school, a workplace, a place of worship, or a shopping mall. We know these stories well, so well that we’ve become numb to them.

No one is leading us to this slaughter. We’re simply accepting the carnage as expected and acceptable. But it shouldn’t be expected, and it’s not acceptable. Organizations like Everytown, Protect MN, and Moms Demand Action are leading us away from the slaughter, but they are not enough. We need leadership from our federal, state, and local governments. They need to pass, and then enforce, the laws that will end the slaughter. Yet, federally and here in Minnesota, we cannot even get our senators to give the necessary laws a hearing. Our leaders seem to have become sheep.

The solution? Stop being sheep. Call U.S. Sens. Tina Smith and Amy Klobuchar. Tell them to demand their Senate colleagues show some leadership and pass the background check bill already passed by the U.S. House. Then call one’s state senator. Tell them the Minnesota Senate needs to address the background check and red flag bills passed by the Minnesota House last session. Then congratulate yourself for taking first step away from the slaughter.

Donald Rideaux-Crenshaw


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