To the editor:

I have lived in District 196 for 41 years and have seen many referenda on the ballots. The children went to the schools in the area. Overall, a good education was attained. But, like everything else, one gets out what one puts in.

Each time a referendum has been on a ballot, district officials foretell of dire consequences if it should fail, i.e, larger class sizes, more students walking or riding their bikes to school, some activities are scaled back or cancelled. These activities are just as important as being in classes all day. The students become pawns in the School Board’s “chess game.”

The teachers we have are good and conscientious. They put in long, hours. Some even play the “parent role.”

Yes, the school district needs funding to operate. A recent letter stated that the current levy that would be replaced has six more years to go. Maybe voting down this referendum at this time would be the reasonable thing to do.

Speaking of busing, when the high school students get their drivers licenses, they drive themsevles to and from school. They may even form carpools. This saves the district fuel costs as the buses don’t have to stop and start when students have to ride the bus. Students have to buy a sticker to park in a high school’s parking lot. This goes into the district’s coffers. The students should be able to park for free as they are saving fuel charges for the district.

I am all for good education. The leaders of tomorrow are in school today. We can only hope that they will be good ones.

Phyllis Peter

Apple Valley

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