To the editor:

I write to respond to Mary Barthel’s letter published in the Jan. 3 issue. Despite the writer’s contrary view, the election is indeed a trial of the sitting president, performed in the court of public opinion. Voters judge past conduct of all candidates, whether incumbents or not.

The writer further states that “Abuse of Power” and Obstruction of Congress” overstep the Constitution. This is true only in the minds of the Democrats who kept throwing stuff on the wall to see if anything would stick against President Donald Trump. These are fabricated and specious charges and in fact are not crimes, let alone high crimes and misdemeanors.

The writer goes on to manufacture imaginary charges against the Senate and decries Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for blocking bills. How long did Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi sit on the USMCA? She is still sitting on the Articles of Impeachment that the Democrats wanted so badly. I daresay if they had any merit she would have sent them to the Senate.

The Constitution gives the House the “sole right” to issue said Articles and the Senate the “sole right” to try the case. Pelosi has no right to demand to know how the Senate will conduct the trial. The House didn’t allow Trump to have representation nor witnesses. The Senate will set the terms of the trial and need not, legally, accede to any Democrat demands.

I do agree with Ms. Barthel on one of her points. The electorate needs to talk less. Perhaps she should take her own advice and set a good example.

Robert A. Bookman

Apple Valley

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