To the editor:

I was very excited to learn Diane Anderson is running for Dakota County commissioner. Diane is a former state representative, and we need someone with her legislative background to represent us. I have known Diane for many years and I appreciate all that she did as a state representative. Diane was on the Health and Human Services Finance Committee, the Commerce and Regulatory Reform Committee and the Judiciary Policy and Finance Committee.

Anderson’s experience and knowledge is a great fit for the Dakota County Board. Her experience of being on the Health and Human Services Finance Committee is a great asset. Diane learned a great deal about the state community services programs and the funding for the programs. The counties are the ones who carry out and implement the policies enacted by the state Legislature. Diane understands how the state and counties work together to provide services for people. A large portion of the county budget goes for community services.

I believe that Diane Anderson is the best candidate running for Dakota County commissioner. Anderson will best represent residents and will listen to their concerns. Diane’s service as a state representative was very beneficial and she cares about helping people.

Please join me in supporting Diane Anderson for Dakota County commissioner. With all of her experiences, Diane Anderson is well-equipped to carry out the duties of the Dakota County Board.

Dan Rossini


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