To the editor:

My wife and I have been in education for a combined 60 years and have lived in Savage for 30 years. We raised three kids and have been blessed with three grandchildren so far. Family means everything to us, and education is one of the foundations of our family values. When thinking about the Minnesota primary and general election this November, having a first-class education system especially during a global pandemic, is at the top of our priorities. For this reason, our family will be voting for Kevin Shea for state senator in District 56.

We have known the Shea family for over 30 years and have taught all five of their kids. We share a common belief that schools from pre-K through 12 should be fully funded and deliver the best possible education to all students. Today it seems like much of the responsibility of keeping children safe in schools has fallen on teachers. Now more than ever, we need to show teachers that we care by giving them the necessary financial support to make our community stronger. Through multiple years of friendship and having Kevin’s leadership on the school board, coaching, religious education teaching, and participating in countless school and community activities, we know firsthand his commitment to families and education.

Please join our family and other educators in voting for Kevin Shea. People can vote now at Burnsville, Savage, or Lakeville city halls or on Election Day, Aug. 11.

Tom and Cyndi Emanuel


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