A 20-year-old Rosemount man who was wanted by Illinois law enforcement in connection to a robbery was charged on Friday with two counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct and assault in connection to his contact with a minor girl on Nov. 3.

Dalton Matthew Current and the girl met on social media, and exchanged messages and photos, according to the criminal complaint. During the online interaction, the girl allegedly stated that she was a minor, but Current said he didn’t care and he still wanted to meet her.

After the girl agreed to meet him at a park, the two went to Current’s residence where they had sexual contact. Current also allegedly choked her with his hand before forcing her to have additional sexual contact.

When law enforcement searched Current’s residence, they found evidence that was consistent with the victim’s account, which she provided when police spoke to her at a hospital.

Bail for the Dakota County charges was set at $100,000 with no conditions or $75,000 with conditions. Among those conditions were to have no contact with the victim; no contact with persons under 18; no social media, internet or communication with minors; not be within 1 mile of a school or playground; not leave the state; and no use of firearms or dangerous weapons, among others.

A hearing was slated for Current on Dec. 1.

Current had an Illinois warrant for his arrest after he allegedly went to the home of someone he met on social media, threatened him with a knife, demanded money, stole electronics and jewelry, then fled.

Current was identified as connected to the alleged robbery through the victim’s description of Current and his vehicle, along with Current’s username, email address and phone number.

According to the criminal complaint, a search of Current’s residence discovered some of items the victim alleged he stole.

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