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The Minnesota House Capital Investment Committee continued its statewide tour of Minnesota, visiting sites and listening to presentations in the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs – including one from the city of Coates. Rep. John Huot, DFL-Rosemount, hosted the committee on Nov. 18 as they learned about proposals to update current water infrastructure with a new centralized water and wastewater system in Coates. “Our residents expect and deserve access to clean water,” Huot said in a statement. “The public health threats to Coates residents and families impacted by the current water system must be addressed, and I’ll continue to advocate for this project’s inclusion to any state infrastructure bill next session.” Coates residents are served by private wells, which have been contaminated with nitrate and herbicides over the drinking water health guidelines. Septic systems have been failing and leaking into the ground, also contributing to the contamination. The city of Coates is seeking approximately $27 million to $31 million to fund improvements. The House Capital Investment Committee’s tour concluded Nov. 18. The 2022 legislative session is scheduled to begin Jan. 31.

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