To the editor:

Due to false accusations by people who never read the transcript of the call between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, I provide a short synopsis below. Nowhere is withholding aid even mentioned. In the context of cooperation in rooting out corruption in both countries, Trump mentions it was unfair for Joe Biden to force out a prosecutor and asks Zelensky to look into that. This does not constitute quid pro quo or asking for political help.

Zelensky talks of wanting to drain the swamp in Ukraine. Trump asks him to request more financial help from other countries. Zelensky said he has already talked with (German Chancellor Angela) Merkle and (French President Emmanuel) Macron about that and not doing enough with sanctions.

Trump asks for a favor – find out what happened with the situation with Crowdstrike – the server, they say Ukraine has. He mentions (Robert) Mueller’s incompetent performance and says it’s important. Zelensky agrees it’s important to him also and guarantees open and candid investigations. Zelensky discusses replacing the ambassador from the U.S. and hopes (Rudy) Guiliani will be able to travel to Ukraine.

Trump acknowledges that the ambassador was bad. He mentions there’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son and felt it was unfair how Biden forced out the prosecutor, and brags about it. He asks Zelensky to look into that as well.

Zelensky says he knows about it and assures Trump that this candidate for the next prosecutor general will be approved by the parliament. He said the issue is also important to him because it relates to restoring honesty and justice in their country. He kindly asks Trump for any additional info that can be provided. He agrees that ambassador Ivanovich, was bad and would not accept him as the new president. Trump said he will have Guiliani and (Attorney General William) Barr call and get to the bottom of it. He predicts the Ukrainian economy will continue to improve. They both discuss Ukrainian friends they have. Before saying good bye, they both thank each other for their support and discuss meeting each other in person.

Candice Reyes


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