Now in its sixth season, ProAct, a nonprofit serving people with disabilities, continues the “Holiday Lights Recycling” effort in conjunction with several cities in the south metro. The program also recycles electrical, phone and appliance cords and offers 26 drop-off locations.

Several city facilities, Dakota County service centers, hardware and liquor stores are serving as drop-off points. The program ends the first week of February 2020.

Drop-off locations and ProAct cannot accept cord adapters, battery packs, plastic rope lights, CFL lights, light fixtures (deer, sleighs, etc.), trees and garland.

Christmas lights and electrical cords cannot be recycled in standard, single-sort recycling bins, and can cause problems in the regular waste stream, but the material is recoverable, said skills training program manager Jennifer Cavalier.

ProAct has grown the recycling effort each of the last five years, as more than 13,886 tons of material was collected last season. All the work and income from the processed material will benefit individuals with disabilities in its programs.

Drop off locations serviced by ProAct are offered in Dakota County are:

Apple Valley: Dakota County Western Service Center, 14955 Galaxie Ave.

Eagan: Lebanon Hills Visitors Center, 860 Cliff Road; ProAct Inc., 3195 Neil Armstrong Blvd.

Farmington: Farmington City Hall, 430 Third St.; Farmington Liquor Store, 18350 Pilot Knob Road; Farmington Liquor Store, 109 Elm St.; Rambling River Center, 325 Oak St.

Lakeville: Lakeville City Hall, 20195 Holyoke Ave.; Lakeville Liquor Heritage, 20164 Heritage Ave.; Lakeville Liquor Kenrick, 16179 Kenrick Ave.; Lakeville Liquor Store, 1600 Galaxie Ave.

Rosemount: City of Rosemount-Community Center, 13885 South Robert Trail; City of Rosemount- Steeple Center, 14375 S. Robert Trail

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