Lakeville Police have forwarded a recommendation for charges against a Lakeville area juvenile who allegedly made a May 20 bomb threat that led to the closure of all Lakeville Area School District buildings the following day.

Police said in a press release that it has petitioned the Dakota County Attorney’s Office for a charge of threats of violence (threatens explosive device), which in Minnesota statute has a maximum sentence of three years in prison and/or a $3,000 fine.

The threat was allegedly emailed to several Lakeville South High School staff members who received the messages in the early morning hours of May 21.

After in-person classes were canceled for the day, several law enforcement agencies checked several school buildings for explosives.

By late morning, the buildings were cleared, and the threat was deemed to be a hoax.

With the assistance of the Europe Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Lakeville Police investigators were provided with internet protocol address, which led detectives to the residence where the device used to send the threat was located.

Electronic devices were seized and analyzed by detectives with the Dakota County Electronic Crimes Unit.

It was determined a juvenile within the Lakeville area community had sent the threatening email, the release said.

Lakeville Police said that detectives spent a significant amount of time conducting the complex investigation.

“The LPD wants parents, students and the community to know everything you do with an electronic device leaves a digital footprint,” the release said.

The Dakota County Attorney’s Office will determine what charge to file against the juvenile.

Most juvenile court delinquency cases are not open to the public, except for serious crimes committed by children over the age of 16.

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