William (Bill) Droste

This week, families across Rosemount are observing the Thanksgiving holiday. For many of us, giving thanks isn’t limited to one day.

Earlier this month at the Steeple Center, I joined U.S. Rep. Angie Craig to celebrate the service of Rosemount’s veterans. I had the honor to share a few thoughts, and I noted that the Census counts more than 1,200 Rosemount residents who served in the armed forces. We owe them so much for their service. I was especially pleased, and humbled, to be able to thank those who served in World War II and the wars in Korea and Vietnam.

For all its existence, Rosemount has been a farming community. And if you’ve traveled to the eastern part of the city this month, you’ve seen the progress to harvest another bountiful crop. We thank the farmers who work the fields, the local businesses that supply their needs, and the researchers in UMore Park who help America lead the world in production of food. As the Twin Cities grow, we see fewer farming acres in the metro area. But agriculture is still important to our local economy, and it provided us the variety of our holiday feasts.

I am always grateful for Rosemount’s public institutions. Our churches nourish our faith and help see us through crises. Our schools nourish our most precious resources: our young people. The volunteers who staff our community groups work tirelessly to make our city a great place to live, work, and play.

And I am thankful for our city employees, who work every day to provide the services our citizens need. I offer a special thanks to our police and fire personnel, who stand by 24/7 – even while the rest of us enjoy a Thanksgiving gathering – to respond to any call of need.

For the many families who’ve moved here in the past year, this was a first Thanksgiving holiday in Rosemount. We hope it is the start of the best years of your life.

On behalf of my colleagues on the Rosemount City Council, I wish you and your families a happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for being involved in our community.

Bill Droste is the mayor of Rosemount. Columns reflect the opinion of the author.

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