To the editor:

As Minnesotans, we are fortunate to live in such a beautiful state, with so many precious natural resources. As science demonstrates, we are experiencing some of the extreme weather that accompanies climate change and it’s imperative we make changes now if we want to prevent irreversible damage.

Last session, the House took significant steps to prevent further consequences of climate change and build a clean energy economy. It set Minnesota on a path to achieve 100 percent clean energy by 2050. We worked for the creation of a Solar for Schools program that would save school districts money. I introduced legislation to allow for installation of electric vehicle charging stations in state and regional parks. Unfortunately, none of these initiatives were supported by the Minnesota Senate.

In conjunction with the National Youth Climate Strike, my House DFL colleagues and I announced our new Climate Action Caucus to enhance our efforts. This group, of which I’m a proud member, will work with Minnesotans on a bold, comprehensive plan to fight climate change and create a healthy and bright future for generations to come. All legislators from all backgrounds are invited to join.

Please contact me anytime with ideas on how we can transition Minnesota to a cleaner, and greener economy.

Rep. Robert Bierman

DFL-Apple Valley

House District 57A

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