To the editor:

Republican endorsed Pam Myhra has a proven track record of fiscal responsibility and fighting for the people in the House of Representatives.

Since March, DFL Gov. Tim Walz has enjoyed supreme executive power and the DFLers in the House have done nothing to slow him down. We need Republican endorsed Pam Myhra in St. Paul now more than ever.

Myhra served in the Minnesota Legislature for four years, bringing her banking and accounting experience with her. She is back to serve her constituents once again, and has received the endorsements from the Minnesota Taxpayers League, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce and many more!

Without leaders in the House of Representatives who will stand up for the people and vote to end Governor Walz’ un-democratic power grab, we may be living under his thumb for months or years to come. Republican Pam Myhra is one of those leaders.

On Aug. 11, please vote for Republican endorsed Pam Myhra and help restore balance to the republic.

Jennifer Carnahan


Minnesota Republican Party chair

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