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The City of Farmington will receive $275,000 in funds to complete construction of a trail system between Trunk Highway 3 and Willow Street.

Funding will be coming from a 2021 Metro Local Partnership Program, according to Katy Gehler, city public works director.

After a review of the community’s current trails network, there showed to be a gap in connectivity along the Trunk Highway 3 corridor, Gehler said.

There is a separated trail that exists from 195th Street in the northern portion of the city of Farmington that heads to 205th Street in Empire Township. Another trail gap exists from 205th Street to Willow Street and there are existing, continuous pedestrian and bicycle routes that lead to the downtown and commercial centers that serve both communities.

The trail will utilize the existing bridge over the Vermillion River with a barrier separating trail users from the adjacent travel lanes.

This project will be completed in conjunction with other safety improvements along Trunk Highway 3 within Farmington and Empire Township.

“Project development for the turn lane improvements has been underway for the last year, and we will see work occurring during the 2020 and 2021 construction seasons,” said Brian Hilgardner, engineer for Empire Township.

Minnesota Department of Transportation, Empire Township and Farmington will work collaboratively to define projects and identify available funding programs to complete the work.

Other projects include turn lane improvements on Trunk Highway 3 and Chesterfield Way to 197th Street in Empire Township, along with the turn lane improvements at 209th Street in Farmington.

“This project is another example of how the state, township and city has been working together to address safety concerns along this corridor,” Gehler said.

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