To the editor:

I feel compelled to respond to what I saw as a satirical piece suggesting our lives are in a sorry state in which we have nothing to do but sit home and feel sorry for ourselves (“What’s to be thankful for” Nov. 26). I seem to be living in a very different world than the writer of that letter having just spent a wonderful gathering with extended family on Thanksgiving thanks to the miracle of three effective COVID-19 vaccines developed in record time during a pandemic. Yesterday I shopped in fully stocked stores feeling as overwhelmed by all the choices of items to buy as I ever have been. Following that day of shopping, I ate at a packed restaurant and enjoyed more time with family in an environment where others were also celebrating time together over a wonderful meal. While the price of the gas that I put in my car may be much higher than it was when hardly anyone was driving (when it was very low), a little research showed me that the price is nowhere near as high as it was in 2012 when it soared to the equivalent of $3.80/gallon today. I realize I’m one of the fortunate ones at a time when over 9,000 individuals in our own state have lost their lives to COVID-19, and more than 5 million people have died of the virus worldwide. I’m thankful for the health care workers who have put their own lives on the line to care for those sick with COVID-19, and all of the other essential workers who kept doing their jobs to make sure we have had food, home goods, and services during this ongoing pandemic. And on the top of my list of things to be thankful for are all of those who have chosen to get one of the available COVID-19 vaccines to not only prevent themselves from becoming infected, but to protect all of us and help lead the way out of this horrific pandemic.


Apple Valley

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