To the editor:

Foolish me, I always thought that the voters elected School Board members.

When we were given the opportunity to vote to add an additional board member on Nov. 2, I voted yes because I felt that the board needed an odd number of members. Happily, the measure passed. Also, I wanted to vote for someone who would help balance the otherwise far left tilt that has manifested itself on the board.

So, I was surprised on Nov. 23 that the board voted 3-1 to appoint a member … even though one board member was absent. Thanks to Cinta Schmitz (newly elected on Nov. 2) for voting no.

Seems to me it’s time to retire the other three, especially Kathy Lewis and Judy Keliher who have been around since we moved to Lakeville, 30 plus years ago.

Diana Bratlie


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