To the editor:

As both a parent and teacher in District 196, I am grateful to have three fine candidates — Art Coulson, Sakawdin Mohamed, and Bianca Virnig — running for the School Board this year. Each of them has substantial experience in public service; each of them has proven their ability to navigate various bureaucracies at both the local and state levels; and each of them has sent their own children to our schools. These are the kinds of meaningful credentials that we need from our elected officials. Furthermore, each of these candidates has demonstrated a belief in the power of unity rather than division, of the ways in which collaboration and not contention bear the best fruit. If we want a professional School Board, one that relies on creativity and critical thinking, on reasoned debate and diplomacy, we must choose wisely. Candidates Coulson, Mohamed, and Virnig offer a vision focused on strategic planning, financial responsibility, public transparency, and community involvement. These are the values that motivate my vote, and I am proud to cast that vote in their service on Nov. 2.

Noah Mass


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