To the editor:

We are 17-year residents of Lakeville and parents of former students of the Lakeville school system. We moved to Lakeville because we believed that the education system here was the best place for our kids. While our kids graduated in 2013 and 2016, we still believe that a strong school system is the key to keeping Lakeville strong, vibrant and growing. Attracting families with children is vital to preventing us from becoming irrelevant as the state continues to grow. We care deeply about education and we don’t need to have a child in the system to be concerned when the School Board is distracted by issues that are non-starters or frivolous.

We have heard from, and studied the positions of the candidates currently running to fill the open position in the upcoming special school board election. As a result, we whole-heartedly believe that Carly Anderson is the clear choice for that position.

We know that as a board certified mental health professional Carly has the knowledge and skillset to thoughtfully ensure all students have the necessary support to be successful. As a parent that does have children enrolled in the district, Carly has already and will continue to support an inclusive education system for all students without being distracted by issues that are founded in paranoia, conspiracy theories or the latest Facebook posts.

A School Board seat is about working with many throughout the district, not just members of the board. As an active member of the community, Carly understands the importance of cultivating strong relationships with district staff, parents, students and community leaders. She is the only candidate with the support from Education Minnesota-Lakeville; LEAF and OutFront Minnesota Action.

The bottom line is that the education of our students, intellectually, socially and economically is job one of a board member. Carly Anderson has the focus, drive and desire to work tirelessly to ensure our kids have just that; the highest quality education possible.

Lori and Phil Wilson


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