To the editor:

My mom is still tickled by the epithet she came up with for the city that she and my dad moved to almost 30 years ago: the Garden of Eagan. Indeed, our city is not unlike a garden. By and large, it is green, productive and tranquil – fertile ground for human community. But gardens must weather storms, disease and drought, and again Eagan is no different.

The threshold at which we find ourselves as a city, a country and a global human community will require a commitment to connection, inclusion and sustainability. Toward that end, I call for my Eagan neighbors to join me in supporting Mike Supina for Eagan City Council. Mike’s values of connection, inclusion and sustainability speak to an even higher value of resilience. Mike is a student of community resilience and has been an active leader, advocate and volunteer in many of the spaces where it is cultivated, including multiple city and county commissions, service organizations, faith communities and arts organizations, as well as School District 196. Mike’s long record of service to his Eagan neighbors indicates a strong commitment to both people and policy, embracing life as Eagan residents actually live it as well as what they hope for the future.

Resilience is not about guarding against change; it is about anticipating, preparing for, and growing into change. So some vision is required. Mike Supina’s vision is connective; it imagines fewer barriers between people, places and opportunities. His vision is inclusive; he knows that Eagan has often fallen short of its own ideals with respect to its BIPOC, queer, differently abled and poor residents. His vision imagines them at the center of city government in intentional ways. His vision is sustainable; our community’s quality of life can weather the challenges ahead with creative, prudent planning. Cultivating resilience yields abundance. In Eagan’s garden, there is enough. We have only to tend it well and spread it around. For an Eagan that connects, includes and sustains people, economy and environment, vote for Mike Supina.

Sam Fouts


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