To the editor:

I understand Joe Biden wants to spend $86 million to house the illegals trying to enter the U.S. He and his like minded followers are, of course, compassionate, kind, generous and caring.

I have a better solution. Actually, I have two suggestions. Take your pick.

1) Use the $86 million to send the kids back to their “loving parents” who willingly sent them alone and unprotected in the “care” of criminal cartels (known for human and drug trafficking) over thousands of miles so “they could have a better life.”

2) Use the $86 million to send the families to Biden supporters who think open borders are humane and a good national policy. These virtuous folks, I am sure, would be happy (at their own expense) to permanently house, clothe and feed these unfortunate families and/or abandoned children.

Some of these kind and caring folks might include those who own anywhere from three to nine houses ... like Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama and Kamala Harris. Surely those virtuous luminaries would welcome several families into each of their many houses .… at their own expense because they are benevolent people.

Diana Bratlie


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