To the editor:

I am writing this letter to commend the four officers who discharged their weapons when the armed carjacking suspect at I-35W and Highway 13 pointed his gun, not only at them, but also at a passing motorist. This kind of lawlessness cannot go unchallenged. In these troubling times when officers’ every action is either questioned or recorded on a cellphone, it would be very easy as an officer not to take the necessary actions.

Every officer knows the day they need to take the life of a fellow human being will be the worst day of their career. Being a cop is dirty business, and thankfully only 30% of them ever have to fire their weapons in the span of their careers.

It takes great presence of mind and bravery to do the difficult thing, and I commend them. Thank you, officers, for putting your lives on the line every day, but particularly in life and death situations such as this, to keep us all safe!



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