To the editor:

As a past chairman of the Lakeville Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources Committee, I was delighted to learn of the decision to proceed with the bond referendum scheduled for a special election on Nov. 2. Having been on this committee, I am aware and appreciative of the extensive planning and research that goes into such a decision. We are in good hands.

As as senior (mid 70s) I am particularly thankful for the many opportunities to be active and to have fun in Lakeville. The city has recognized that children come in all ages and the focus on seniors is very much appreciated! Seniors of all activity levels are accommodated in the city. That includes gentle walking trails, bocce ball courts, outdoor skating, canoeing (more racks are planned), spectator sports and more.

Pickleball has proven to be a multigenerational sport. With 12 courts across the city, and more planned, I look forward to continued competitive matches with my children and grandchildren. I feel safe and comfortable using the walking and bike trails and greater connectivity between trails is indicated in the planning.

The city of Lakeville is providing us with the opportunity to improve and expand the parks, recreation and natural resources of the city for current residents and for those looking for an exciting place to live in the future.

I am thankful for the planning attention being made for active adults who are really just kids in disguise.

I’m voting “yes” on Nov. 2.

Bob Swan


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