To the editor:

Two new organizers, Andy Lucking and Karen Peterson, are bringing change to the Rotary Club of Eagan. The dress-up Gala fundraiser of the past 34 years has been transformed into a Saturday morning “Live to Give Walk” on May 15 in Eagan Central Park. The goal is to raise money for organizations that helped Eagan families who were struggling during the pandemic. They are the Eagan YMCA, The Open Door, 360 Communities and the Eagan Rotary Foundation. Many are deciding to sponsor the event and with the low overhead expenses, the fundraising total could be great. The entire community is invited to come for the walk, rain or shine. Get more details at

Another event goal is to let people know about Rotary. “Rotary is about ‘Service Above Self’ and is the best kept secret in Eagan,” said Peterson. “Rotary awards outstanding teachers, first responders, students and veterans in our community each year.” She noted that Rotary International has worked 35 years to eradicate polio and is also focused on delivering fresh water and sustainable projects to benefit poor communities worldwide.

We invite anyone to join the walk on May 15. Registration is free but needed for insurance and the fun is also free. By the way, to increase the fun factor, costumes are encouraged to be enjoyed by all.

Change is good and Eagan will benefit in many ways from the “Live to Give Walk.”

Leif M. Hagen


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