To the editor:

When a new building is constructed the most important first step is to pour a foundation that will properly support the structure. If the foundation is flawed, costly remedial action is required, completion will be delayed or worst case the building could collapse after completion.

Early childhood education teachers pour the foundations that establish the children’s basic skills and disciplines needed to navigate kindergarten through 12th grade and beyond. A good early childhood education helps ensure we develop the next generation of innovators, tradespersons, caregivers, teachers, engineers, caregivers, etc. Facing the challenges of global warming and other world changes it is now more important than ever for our nation’s future that we have a top-notch education system for our children to ensure our nation remains strong, free and world leader in technology. A key element to achieve this is a good early childhood education system.

A significant portion of Minnesota’s projected budget surplus of over $7 billion must be put to use for a better early childhood and elementary education system. It must guarantee early childhood education for all, rich or poor. A comprehensive early childhood education system will reduce the need for remedial education in elementary and high schools saving money that can then be redirected to improve other parts of the education system.

Teachers must be adequately compensated and have the required supplies and infrastructure needed to do their job. Adequate compensation will help incentivize young people to become teachers. This is especially important for low-income and rural areas.

A monkey with half a brain can figure out that this is a very important priority, but I’m worried that some of the politicians’ intelligence levels may be lower than the monkey’s and they will direct this money via tax cuts to the rich who will just flop the money around on the Wall Street casino. To ensure a strong future for our nation it is our duty as citizens to advise and persuade our legislators that they must make early childhood and kindergarten through 12th-grade education their No. 1 priority.

Ghislain Devlaminck


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