To the editor:

I’m shaking my head at the myopic view of government programs expressed by Ted Olson (July 9 letter to the editor).

All he appreciates is the role of government to protect him and the rest of us. Perhaps I’m mistaken in thinking he benefited from public education since his letter shows him to be literate. I wonder if he has ever walked on sidewalks, driven on paved roads, drunk clean water, consumed safe food, benefited from well-lit streets, traveled safely via regulated airways, enjoyed public parks, seen licensed medical professionals, put his money in regulated banks or borrowed from them for his home, or cashed his pandemic relief checks.

Maybe not, since he states “all the government programs are killing us.” Likewise, he sees these things as “political meddling.” I hope for a day when Mr. Olson and others like him might open their minds and eyes to the benefits we all have from our imperfect government.



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