To the editor:

When you have someone like City Council Member Gary Hansen helping to lead Eagan, it’s worth your vote to keep him there. As a leader, his efforts benefit residents throughout our community. As a representative, he listens and participates in community events. As a decision maker, he is thoughtful in his actions.   

On a local level, Hansen brings a strong voice for economic development to Eagan, while his ongoing community involvement and volunteerism keeps him in touch with residents on a regular basis.  On a regional level, Hansen is a strong presence to help assure that Eagan is well represented when decisions are being made on issues that will impact our communities.

Far too often we hear rhetoric during campaign season – empty promises made to earn your vote on election day. That’s not Gary. Instead, he is running to assure that our community’s housing, health care, transportation, social, and other needs are met; to assure that we continue to have effective and reliable public safety, and that we maintain essential infrastructure and have access to necessary services; and to support making Eagan a more sustainable city with efforts toward reducing energy use, to preserve and enhance the environment, and encourage innovation with city operations. Hansen’s campaign is not based on empty promises, but rather he is running to maintain the high-quality of life residents enjoy, combined with continued fiscal prudence for the long-term.       

Holly Jenkins


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