To the editor:

As a parent in the Lakeville Area School District for the past 18 years, and a mother of four children who have graduated from the Lakeville Area School District, I’d like to encourage Lakeville Schools residents to vote for Zach Duckworth for School Board. He is accountability-driven and focused on initiatives aimed at providing high quality education and developmental opportunities for all students.

Zach has been committed to public service and community involvement from a very young age. He is passionate about the leadership development of our young people and has continued to serve as a mentor, role model, and coach to students in the district during and after graduating from Lakeville North High School. As a soldier, firefighter, and business owner he serves as a great role model and leader for students to emulate. As a resident and parent, he shares the thoughts and concerns that we all have for our children, the district, and our community as a whole.

Throughout his life I’ve witnessed Zach tackle challenges head on, build consensus through effective communication skills, and successfully lead others toward a shared vision.  He is a collaborator who builds teams that accomplish great results. I encourage District 194 residents to vote for Zach Duckworth because he is a person of high integrity and impressive business acumen who would be a tireless advocate for our children, teachers, schools, and community.

Erin Duckworth


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