To the editor:

The Lakeville Area Public School Board reversed its prior position on Black Lives Matter posters in the classrooms; during a professional development work session with Paula Forbes. That news was confirmed from an email response to my questions about All Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter. Equity Coordinator Lydia Lindsoe quoted, “All Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter mottos were created specifically in opposition to Black Lives Matter.” “That is why it is important that we specifically affirm Black students in our schools, and why Lakeville Area Schools does not approve All Lives Matter posters or Blue Lives Matter posters in classrooms.”

The fact is Black lives do matter, have dignity, worth, and value! The same fact is All Lives Matter, have dignity, worth and value equally! However, creating and posting Black Lives Matter posters in the classroom violates ISD 194 Policy 535 - Political Campaigns and Activities. BLM posters in the classroom are political and do not maintain neutrality! Discriminating or alienating any race in our community is not neutral!

I’m a very concerned Native American, service-connected disabled veteran with a multiracial family with students in District 194. Today’s racist segregation being pushed in the Lakeville Area Public School as presented at the regular Board of Education meeting on April 13, 2021, agenda item 4a. Equity Update.

The ISD 194 Board of Education needs to explain how supporting Black Lives Matter – their violent riots, which promote fear, harassment, retaliation, intimidate, bully and negatively affect every student, parent and classrooms in the Lakeville Area Public Schools!

ISD 194 Board of Education Support of BLM also violates: ISD 194 Policy 102 - Equal Education Opportunity; ISD 194 Policy 413 - Harassment and Violence; ISD 194 Policy 432 - Teacher Code of Ethics; ISD 194 Policy 514 - Bullying Prohibition Policy; ISD 194 Policy 630 - Teaching about Controversial Issues; Minnesota Statute 121A.03, Subd. 2 (Sexual, Religious, and Racial Harassment and Violence Policy) and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

All Lives Matter!

Bob Cajune


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