To the editor:

Recently I’ve seen many letters to the editor about spending more on education, based on the state’s surplus of tax money. While I would agree education needs investment, I fear that we continue to spend dollars and think that pushing tax dollars toward education without getting any actual return on investment is a real black hole. The state of Minnesota currently spends over 40% of the state budget on education! As a taxpayer all I want to know is, what’s the return? What is the positive result of these billions spent? Throwing money at an issue doesn’t fix it and in many cases exacerbates the problem. Let’s step back and see if we can do better with the billions already spent. No one in their daily life should just keep spending money on problems and programs with unknown results. What do we get with tax dollars and education? It seems we are conditioned when it comes to education, just keep throwing dollars at it and this will solve it. So far I would say those results are not good and as taxpayers we should demand that our dollars are spent wisely, efficiently, effectively and provide for a great education system. That is not what we have going on today, or frankly for years.

Scott Widman


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