To the editor:

I am a parent of two District 196 children, and can’t imagine another School Board election in my time as a parent that is more important than this one. I trust Art Coulson, Sakawdin Mohamed and Bianca Virnig to be thoughtful and caring voices for our schools in tough times and am excited to vote for them.

I know we are all busy and going through a lot right now, but every District 196 resident needs to make the time to get to know the School Board candidates and choose wisely. We’ve seen how polarized our School Board meetings have become, and our children will be the ones paying the price if we let that anger and fear win this fall.

We need leaders who understand that mask requirements are our best option to make schools safer and help our children stay in the classroom. We need leaders who will make sure our children get a full education in schools that will no longer tolerate bigotry.

Art, Sakawdin and Bianca will be those leaders with our support, so let’s give them our votes and help them do what’s right for our children and our communities.

Kelly Mielke

Apple Valley

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