To the editor:

It’s outrageous that Americans pay three times what people in other countries pay for the same medicines. We are way past time for our elected lawmakers take action to remedy that.

Even during the pandemic and financial crisis, we experienced drug companies increasing the prices of over 1,000 drugs last year, including those essential medicines for chronic conditions that people over age 50 depend on.

We see the drug companies getting richer and richer while consumers are getting ripped off. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Every year, Medicare spends billions of dollars on prescription drugs, yet it is prohibited from negotiating with drug companies to get better prices on medications.

Right now, Congress is considering giving Medicare the power to negotiate for lower drug prices. This would lower costs for me and others on Medicare and for all taxpayers, as well. Drug companies are spending millions to stop this plan so they can keep charging us the highest prices in the world. This should outrage every taxpayer and everyone struggling to decide between paying for their medications or buying food.

I am contacting my legislators and asking them to stop the Big Pharma scam and support allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices. I am urging Sun Thisweek readers to do the same.



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