To the editor:

Electric vehicle (EV) adoption is a win-win for both EV owners and non owners. First, EVs increase sales of electricity at night, which makes more efficient use of infrastructure and lowers electricity costs for everyone. Second, EVs lower the demand for oil, which lowers the price of gasoline. Third, fewer oil-powered vehicles means fewer particulates emitted, which lowers premature deaths and serious illness caused by particulates. Fourth, there is a limit on the amount of CO2 (a budget for all time) produced by human activities to avoid the worst effects on our environment. That will last longer if we can ramp down the use of fossil fuels more quickly. Cars last about 15 years, so every missed opportunity because of lack of choice has a 15-year impact! This would be moot if owners do not buy EVs, but my nine years as an owner tell me that they are great cars to own and operate.

The Clean Cars Rule that is going through the rule-making process will be a win-win for Minnesotans. Most of the claims against EVs are wrong. Battery prices are dropping rapidly and driving down the price of EVs. Within a few years, showroom prices will be higher for non EV models, according to a recent BloombergNEF (New Energy Finance) report. There is plenty of clean electricity to power the cars with current generating capacity, and electricity gets cleaner every day. Electricity per mile is much cheaper than gasoline. Anyone can buy a gas car if they want, now and later under the new rule. The rule just gives us more choices, and who doesn’t want that?

Bill Middlecamp

Apple Valley

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