To the editor:

As a mother of two children in District 194, I enthusiastically express my support for Cinta Schmitz for School Board. I’ve watched this race with interest and believe Cinta will prioritize learning in our schools which is the primary reason we send our kids to school, making this an easy choice for my family.

Over the course of the race, I have seen questions posed about whether her kids are enrolled in District 194 schools.

Cinta’s kids don’t go to District 194 schools, and I don’t care.

Cinta moved her kids to public charter schools that are better able to meet her children’s needs following last year’s public school experience, which was disastrous for many kids in the community, including hers. It’s been extremely disheartening to hear Lakeville parents question a mom’s decision to switch schools to support her kids’ well-being and advance their education. I don’t think it is fair or right to question someone’s decisions for their own family.

The composition of the School Board is governed by Minnesota statute and local regulations. If our elected representatives felt having kids in the schools was a necessary qualification, it should have been written into the law. It was not. And that is a good thing because only one person on the current board would be eligible to serve. I’ve heard people say, “current board members had kids in Lakeville schools at some point,” well, so did Cinta. Cinta’s kids were in District 194 schools until last year, unlike most of our current members who haven’t had kids in Lakeville schools in over a decade.

Cinta could have moved her kids into a charter school and washed her hands of Lakeville schools and yet she has chosen a more noble path: to be a voice for Lakeville’s kids and parents. Having had four kids in our schools over the last five years, she has enough experience to make knowledgeable decisions. By running for the board without obvious personal gain Cinta demonstrates heart and commitment, which our schools and Lakeville families desperately need right now.

Michelle Pine


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