To the editor:

Since 2013, the Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan School District has seen declining test scores across all grades, lower graduation rates and a diminishing state ranking because educational standards has become a secondary issue and it’s time to make it a priority again.

This is why I am asking everyone to consider Kim Bauer, Curtis Henry and Kayla Hauser for the District 196 School Board. All three candidates have children in the district, which gives them a unique look at both the strengths and weaknesses of our schools.

I have had the opportunity to have personal conversations with Kim, Curtis and Kayla as well as hear them speak to a wider audience. They have shown a willingness to collaborate with every stakeholder within the district to ensure our children get the level of education they deserve. All three believe that the relationship between board members and stakeholders should be transparent and that parent involvement is vital to the educational process.

Kim is advocating for a common sense approach to education. She believes math, science and literacy should be at the core of every child’s learning experience and by making these areas of education a priority, we can begin to close the achievement gap.

Curtis is focused on raising the educational standards of the district so students are prepared for all college career paths whether it means a traditional four-year college or a trade school. He believes that by putting the 3 R’s back at the center of education, our children will be better equipped to compete in an ever-growing global market.

And Kayla believes parents should have say in how their children are educated. Over the last few years, parents have lost their voice within the educational process and it is time for them to play a more pivotal role on how children are educated.

Kim, Curtis and Kayla can offer a much needed change to a School Board that has become complacent with making educational standards an after-thought within our schools.

Melissa Meach


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