To the editor:

I am a retired ICU nurse of more than 20 years and Burnsville resident of over 17 years. The Burnsville City Council’s decision to reject the opioid settlement, and along with it, $1.1 million to invest in opioid chemical dependency treatment and prevention resources, is simply appalling to me — especially given the scope of opioid addiction in our community. Throughout my career, I witnessed regularly the impacts of prescription opioid chemical dependency, and I have seen the horrors that addiction brings. I urge the Burnsville City Council to bring this issue back up for a vote immediately and to vote yes for our city to join this opioid settlement. I cannot count the number of people who have come into my hospital over the years whose lives could have been saved had they had the resources to cope with opioid chemical dependency.

I read the Sun Thisweek article (Dec. 31) in which some really insensitive and flat-out wrong claims were made by council members about addiction, and it seems to me the council was intent on blaming everyone and everything for this opioid addiction crisis except the opioid manufacturers and distributors who 100% caused it. One council member even said that $1.1 million over 18 years won’t make a difference. I strongly disagree. Every single additional dollar we can spend on opioid addiction prevention and treatment is another chance for someone to live a happy and long life.

Please, Burnsville City Council members, vote to join the opioid settlement now, help our community get more resources to save lives.



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