To the editor:

As a mother of two children in the Lakeville School District, I am invested in ensuring their education is the best Minnesota has to offer. That’s why I am thrilled to be supporting Carly Anderson in the upcoming School Board election.

I’ve gotten to know Carly over the past couple years, and it’s clear to me that she is a leader in our community who leads with an open mind and open heart. She’s a fierce advocate for moving our community forward. Even prior to her running for School Board, I admired her tenacity in building relationships rooted in collaboration which made Lakeville stronger together.

She built those relationships by recognizing, fostering and utilizing each person’s unique voice and skills. Carly also values the uniqueness that each individual brings. She will partner with our teachers and school leaders to make sure all students have the opportunity to embrace and celebrate their uniqueness and have the chance to succeed.

Supporting social and emotional needs is a current gap and the pandemic is presenting new challenges that none of us predicted. We are all quite exhausted as a result of the pandemic, but I know that Carly’s background as a board certified clinical neuropsychologist will be incredibly helpful in navigating the path forward to ensure our students and staff have the support and resources they need.

The decisions impacting our students can lead to heated debate. I’ve witnessed Carly participate in conversations that could easily spiral out of hand quickly. But her ability to actively and respectfully listen, paired with her thoughtful responses ensure the conversations move forward in a productive and respectful way. It’s because of these qualities that I fully trust her abilities to continue building meaningful connections as well as partner with and develop our learning community.

Just as Carly is a proud parent to send her kids to Lakeville Schools, I too am a proud parent to send my kids to Lakeville Schools. I’m excited to see the impact that Carly could have on continuing to improve our schools and benefit our children if she’s elected.

Brittney Espinasse


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