To the editor:

As a teacher at Lakeville South High School, I’m proud of the School Board, district and building leadership’s commitment to equitable education. They understand that kids thrive with an education that encourages them to understand who we are, where we came from, and what we’re capable of being, no matter our skin color, background, or zip code. When kids engage with diverse perspectives, they gather more knowledge about the complex world around them. They develop vital 21st century skills enabling them to tackle real life issues with curiosity, critical thinking, and collaborative spirit. Unfortunately, some voices at recent School Board meetings are in opposition to diversity, equity and inclusion while misrepresenting what our students are learning. They fail to realize that inclusive education ensures that all are welcome, all have a voice and all belong. Let’s not let these distractions limit our students’ growth as they learn to live and lead in a multicultural Minnesota.

Derek Otten


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