To the editor:

It is an honor and a pleasure that I provide this letter of recommendation in support of the reelection of Mayor Elizabeth Kautz.

I served the city of Burnsville for 27 years as a police officer, firefighter and fire chief. And during those 27 years I worked very closely with many elected officials of the city. Many of whom I felt great admiration for. None of whom I felt more admiration for than Elizabeth Kautz.

Elizabeth Kautz is a person of great integrity and approachability. She has provided both direction and involvement in the growth, sustainability and future updating of Burnsville. All of which she does with a friendly, tactful and diplomatic manner.

As the fire chief of Burnsville, I knew the city was benefited by the best service possible in the ways of fire, emergency medicine and rescue responses. All of which were provided in a cost-effective manner but a manner that never compromised the safety of either the citizens or the firefighters of Burnsville. This was accomplished with Mayor Kautz’s leadership.

In conclusion, in the best interests of the city of Burnsville, its citizens, employees and future of the city, I recommend the continuance of Elizabeth Kautz as mayor of Burnsville.


Retired Burnsville fire chief

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