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Will Riddel, an incoming freshman at Rosemount High School, found the Leprechaun’s Lost Medallion Tuesday at about 7:20 p.m. in Ailesbury Park in the northwest portion of the park.

Will and his father, Mac, were in the park for the second time that day hunting on the edge of the long grasses that border the park to the north. Previous to that, Riddel said he was in two other parks.  

Riddel was led to the park through a variety of clues including “exercise,” which referred to the cardio equipment in the park, along with references to a soccer “goal,” the “slide” and a “sun cover” for the park’s shelter.   

“I was walking around the perimeter of the park looking the grass when I found it,” he said. “It was pretty exciting.”  

He said at the time there were some soccer games going on in the park, but no one really seemed to be looking for the medallion there. 

Riddel said he has been looking for the Lost Medallion in previous years and pretty close to finding it one year. 

For his efforts, Riddel will receive a $100 Visa gift card from Merchants Bank and four tickets to see the St. Paul Saints from the Dakota County Tribune and Sun Thisweek. 


Clue No. 2

Your goal scores new found humility.

A wit climbs low with utility. 

Stray from fancy way

sun cover of day,

and exercise in futility.


Medallion will be hidden on city of Rosemount park property. Hunters will not have to move, damage or destroy park property or look in any of the maintained gardens in order to find the medallion. 

Official rules are here

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