Cinta Schmitz

Cinta Schmitz

Mother of four and community volunteer Cinta Schmitz is seeking a seat on the Lakeville School Board in the upcoming Nov. 2 special election.

“I’m committed to using my position on the Lakeville School Board to be a voice for all Lakeville families,” she said in a release. “Parents need to be heard rather than being made to feel like bystanders in their own children’s education, and Lakeville children deserve the highest quality education available. That’s what made my decision to run an easy one.”

Schmitz said she believes her life experiences make her uniquely qualified to fully understand the needs of, and represent, Lakeville’s diverse and underrepresented families. Schmitz is half-Filipino and the mother of four children including a multi-racial adopted daughter with medical conditions and learning challenges. Additionally, Schmitz suffers from hearing loss and wears hearing aids to compensate for her disability.

Schmitz said she intimately understands what inclusion means for people of all backgrounds and abilities including first-generation Americans, like herself, and people with disabilities.

“Our school communities need to be loving, accepting, and accommodating environments for all students. It is the responsibility of 194 leadership, and especially the board members, to ensure Lakeville schools are places where all students thrive. I will be a voice that promotes equal opportunities for all students and will work to ensure diversity of ideas isn’t just tolerated but welcomed in our schools,” Schmitz said regarding her desire to encourage all board members and leadership to work together for the betterment of Lakeville schools.

After graduating from Burnsville High School, Schmitz attended East Carolina University where she earned a degree in management and was the captain of the Women’s Division I volleyball team. After college, Schmitz was a professional volleyball player before returning to Minnesota. Schmitz met and married her husband, Mark, settled down in Lakeville, and began her career as a care coordinator for Fairview Health Services where she managed health care services for children with complex medical needs. During this time, she also coached the girls volleyball team at Lakeville South (high school and club). She is a full-time mother, wife, and volunteers at Bethel’s Rock Church.

“Whether it is coaching, coordinating care for sick kids, running the church nursery, leading groups to bring moms with children together, or being a mom, my highest calling has always been serving kids,” says Schmitz about her love for all children.

Schmitz believes that after 18 months of interrupted learning, restoring District 194 students academically is a top priority for our district.

“Last spring’s MCA scores are concerning,” said Schmitz. Across all grades, 65% of students were proficient in reading, 57% were proficient in math and only 46% were proficient in science.

“We have beautiful schools and talented educators and I know we can do better for our kids. We must get back on track, and quickly,” she said.

In addition to academic improvement, Schmitz believes that schools should make time in the day for project-based learning and provide opportunities to explore career choices for high school students.

“My commitment is to lift all Lakeville learners by listening to parents and working to bring our community together. My commitment is to find common ground and a common vision for Lakeville schools because our kids deserve the best from all of us.”

To learn more about Cinta Schmitz and her vision for Lakeville schools visit her website

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