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Rey Khammavongsa of Know the Truth speaks to Eastview High School students.

The Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge Know the Truth prevention program gave presentations at Eastview High School Oct. 28 and 29 about alcohol, marijuana, vaping and prescription pills and the common misconceptions students have about them.

Presenters Rey Khammavongsa and Zoe Lindman shared their personal stories of addiction and recovery with the students.

“We hope that our presenters being vulnerable and talking about what they went through, will give the students permission to talk about those same things they might be dealing with,” said Sadie Holland, prevention education manager. “At the end of the presentation, the students are given the number to our anonymous text hotline – so that they can engage with us outside of the classroom as well, if they want to talk about something that they didn’t feel comfortable sharing in person, etc.”

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