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Know the Truth Prevention Program spoke to the students at Apple Valley High School on the issues of substance use and vaping Feb. 20.

Know the Truth presenter, Micah Meline and Isabelle Vogel discussed their experiences relating to substance use and addiction, along with sharing evidence-based information on the current youth drug trends.

“I want to share my story with students because when I was their age I didn’t realize how choosing to use drugs to escape my problems only created more,” Meline said.

Know the Truth Prevention Program conducts presentations to both middle and high schoolers across the state of Minnesota to educate them on the dangers of substance use. The presentation curriculum addresses the main misconceptions that students have about substances, as they work to fill the education gaps, providing them with the truth about what these substances can truly do, even if they don’t seem like “that big of a deal” to the students.

After the presentation, Know the Truth surveys the students to gather information on drug trends. The students receive a resource guide and the phone number to the Know the Truth anonymous text-hotline to encourage them to reach out with additional questions or support. Students can text the number 24-7 to speak to a Know the Truth team member at 612-440-3967.

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