To the editor:

I imagine that the editorials will be inundated with opinions regarding the publicity local businesses have received for defying the governor’s orders to remain closed due to the spread, and definitive harm, COVID-19 has had on our communities. In all honesty, my initial reaction was anger, followed by the inability to understand the mindset around that choice. What is it that makes one put themselves above the health and safety of others, while so many others, who are equally struggling, continue to sacrifice precisely for the health and safety of others?

In truth I believe we are all born with the qualities of compassion and greatness and the innate ability to do good. But life gets in the way with influences that overshadow that innate greatness and judgment. We are still all good people who get to choose, in any moment, how we want to show up.

I want to honor all those people, businesses, employees, organizations, educators, and frontline workers who have sacrificed so much because they care deeply for the health, safety and lives in our communities, state and nation. They are the warriors of integrity, compassion and grace. They bring healing to our world. Their humanity is inspirational. Sincere gratitude to those who continue to add light to this dark and trying time. They give me hope. I stand and applaud them. I will support them in appreciation for their sacrifices.

Pat Bethke


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