Public invited to hear TV show host Scott Wolter speak at Farmington Masonic Lodge

The public is invited to hear forensic geologist Scott Wolter speak for free at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 15, at Farmington Masonic Lodge. Wolter is best known as the TV host of the History Channel’s hit show "America Unearthed." Wolter will talk about his career quest to uncover truths behind controversial historic artifacts and sites found throughout North America.

Public invited to hear forensic geologist, TV host speak on Oct. 15 

Do you consider yourself a science scholar or history buff who likes to unravel potential conspiracy theories?

The public is invited to a free presentation given by forensic geologist Scott Wolter at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 15, at Farmington Masonic Lodge, 326 Third St., Farmington.

Best known as the host of the History Channel’s TV show “America Unearthed,” Wolter will share his quest to uncover truths behind some controversial historic artifacts and sites found throughout North America and beyond.

Farmington Masons of Corinthian Lodge No. 67 is the longest, continuing community organization in Farmington going strong for 152 years since 1867. The mission of the Freemasons of Minnesota is to engage and inspire good men who believe in a supreme being and live according to Masonic tenets of brotherly love, relief and truth.

“Anyone who is interested in conspiracies theories like was Columbus was the first to discover America? Or did European settlers or European explorers get here first, and Wolter has basically documented pretty conclusively and there is ample evidence of those who came here that was pre-Jamestown, Virginia, and before Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts,” said Rick Vance, education officer with Farmington Masons.

Wolter wrote the books, “The Hooked X: Key to the Secret History of North America,” “Akhenaten to the Founding Fathers: The Mysteries of the Hooked X,” and his newest book, “Cryptic Code: The Templars in America and the Origins of the Hooked X.” His earlier fact-finding book, “The Kensington Rune Stone: Compelling New Evidence” told the story about the controversial artifact discovered in 1898 in his home state of Minnesota.

As a forensic geologist, Wolter is “Well known because he has found evidence of European travelers in North America almost a 1,000 years ago and that was essentially a land claim,” Vance said.

“Wolter goes out and finds various forms of evidence and signs of early Europeans having been in what is now the United States long before the pilgrims or anyone else, and he has found inscriptions on rocks and his ability and knowledge can determine if the rocks are of the right age and if they are legitimate or fake,” Vance added.

“The link to the Masons is that he (Wolter) is a Mason, and secondarily he goes on to make the point about the Knights Templars, a group that handled what was essentially the banking during the Middle Ages as the Christian world was being settled the people and they could go down to the Holy Land and travel safely and essentially be able to have banking along the way since they were traveling,” Vance said.

The Knights Templars banking system allowed the travelers to get money and gain access to credit. In the 1300s, the Pope and King of France were intertwined and running out of money, Vance said.

“They wanted to demonize the Knights Templar and they rounded up many Knights Templars because they needed money to fight wars, and this is a well-documented part of history that the Knights Templar escaped into Scotland and went underground," Vance explained.

“The belief is there is some linkage between the Knights Templar to Free Masons based on codes of conduct and the rituals,” Vance added.

During the Middle Ages, the masons built the cathedrals in Europe. “As skilled artisans, the Masons built the magnificent structures and had special skills and these skills were in such high demand they could move freely from place to place, and go to a new construction project in virtue of the fact that their skills were in such high demand,” Vance said.

Wolter will be available to answer questions and sign books after his presentation.

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