Heartbeat Performing Arts Center’s Academy students in Apple Valley have been working on a special project created as a performance gift for the community in honor of International Dance Day and to exemplify that dance is a universal language. It’s titled “Resiliency of the Human Spirit.” “We are Resilient!” is their positive message of strength and love to humankind.

In light of this global pandemic and all of its pressures on society as well as its challenges on our individual mind, body and spirit; these young artists have found a way to triumph over the distance through sheer creative willpower and innovation. “Resiliency of the Human Spirit” is a performance inspired by reflecting on the jolting experience of a sudden shift from normal life to an anxiety riddled world, while recognizing the inner strength and kindness they see in others around them as well as within themselves and the human drive to move forward and adapt.

Through the use of technology, these amazing students have created this unique performance, Heartbeat teachers said.

They have been working in pairs remotely via Facebook, Facetime and Instagram to choreograph their dance duets and trios. All unison choreography was created as a collaboration during classes on ZOOM offered by Heartbeat. Both Junior Academy and Senior Academy pieces have been set to spoken word poems that are original writings by the students reading them.

Heartbeat’s Academy Program is comprised of students desiring an in-depth study of the performing arts including dance, acting, singing and writing.

Heartbeat’s students would love to hear the community’s thoughts on their project that can be sent to Kristinheartbeatpac@gmail.com or Debhtbt@frontiernet.net. For more information about Heartbeat, visit the website www.heartbeat-studios.com or call 952-432-7833.

The project video links for the Junior Academy and Senior Academy are below.

Junior Academy: https://youtu.be/-jg4Zr17XGc

• Olivia Groebner: poet and spoken word artist

• Julia Gustafson: dancer

• Ella O’Hara: dancer

• Makayla Pinnow: dancer

• Jordan Rivera: dancer

• Charlotte Smith: dancer

• Keira Wesee: dancer

• Morgan Wesee: dancer

Senior Academy: https://youtu.be/4fnr4heGlqo

• Alexis Carstensen: dancer

• Ariel Edwards: poet and spoken word artist

• Annaliese Kottner: dancer

• Ella Logan: dancer

• Sophie Lorsung: dancer

• Bariana Nicholson Perkins: dancer

• Haley Schwantes: dancer

• Athena Zahn: dancer

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