The Farmington City Council adopted a resolution Monday allowing the creation of temporary outdoor customer service areas.

Any business in Farmington, that is able to operate under current state executive orders and complies with social distancing, can establish on its property, parking lots, or green area:

Drive-up or drive-thru area

Customer ordering, waiting, or pickup area

Customer seating or customer service areas

Restaurants should review current state executive orders for additional guidlines. For liquor dispensed or consumed in new temporary customer service areas, the licensee must obtain a liquor license modification. The area must be fenced or roped off to contain alcohol consumption within that area.

Listed below are the resolution conditions for businesses:

Limited on-site signage (and storage) and “limited” on site directional signs allowed (private property only).

Temporary tables, tents and sun shelters may be erected.

No need for a city variance nor city permits.

If leasing, must have property owner permission.

Must prepare traffic management plan (may be asked for it if complaints or problems).

Must not impede sidewalk usage or any disabled parking spaces or ramps.

No activity shall be a nuisance for any neighboring business.

The city may ask an operator to remove anything unreasonable, unprofessional or a nuisance.

The city said that safety is the top concern. If there is something that is not deemed to be safe, the city will ask an operator to remove it.

For more information, view the official resolution at

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